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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


colourful princess hat

here is another one i made...ooo...last winter, i think? hubs of dread-like lengths wrapped and stitched on the sides. it feels really great to wear...princess like. more to come soooooon...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a hat for ann

made this funkadelic number on monday for the mismatch queen in victoria. hope she likes it. she is always a vision of bright colourfulness, a smile maker for sure.
aurora strikes a pose above. the tubes make me think they are for letting out excess steam in your head. someone also suggested they could hold flowers. that would be awesome. hopefully i will get a photo or two of ann enjoying it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


***classes are currently on hold as i take a deep breath in and rearrange a few things, i'll let you know when i exhale...****

hatha yoga classes! relaxing and rewarding....
let yourself be kind to yourSelf - slow down, breathe deep, explore...
the current schedule consists of one class a week it is

Tuesday evenings from 7-8pm
Karolina Kuras Photography Studio
in the Trafalgar building (first floor)
123 Woolwhich Street
downtown guelph (ontario)

currently i am offering the classes in session form, a session runs 8 weeks (unless there is a holiday)
8-week session $80
16 week session $140 (really just back to back 8 week sessions)
10 class flexipass $120
drop in $12 a class

if you are interested in attending a class please contact me by phone or email or feel free to drop by to try it out.
i am also open to teaching private, semi-private or private-group classes.
pics of the beautiful space and other yoga-relatedness coming soon!

grand opening

halo and welcome to my brag - i mean blog. i hope you can find what you are looking for, or something fun instead. i am using this new-medium to share some art as well as a using it as a bit of a home base for the yoga classes i am teaching. please check out the yoga section for information on class schedules and times and see some lovely photos of the space and such. otherwise, please feel free to wander around, there should be some drawings and photos of things around here somewhere...