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Thursday, April 3, 2014

changes and promotions for spring!

spring spring spring spring spring...

Ah well, it will come in it's own time. Like everything else.
Right now I am eagerly awaiting spring AND a new baby. Anytime. Whenever. 

So, that is just a little heads' up. If I'm a little slower responding to emails/convos/facebook messages -- you will know why! 

I've been keeping really busy, though. I am really anticipating our new little one, but keeping my mind off it by making lots and lots of dolls and experimenting with some new designs and ideas. 

And I have been getting ideas and inspiration from lots of creative folk requesting custom orders. Seriously inspiring! 

down to business. 
I did have to bring my prices up a little this week. It's not toooo much, really - just helps me make ends meet a little better! New designs will still be unleashed at experimental prices and some fun new designs and ideas are on the way -- along with a line of all natural dolls stuffed with 100% wool and using all natural yarns and materials for the hair and clothes. Custom Big Lu dolls will be available in all natural materials, too. 

But - to soften the blow a little bit, there are some positive changes, too. The little lu dolls are a weee bit bigger now - and at least for the month of april I will be including a little something extra with the dolls, sometimes listed with the dolls on etsy or sometimes a surprise! Just a little more than I would usually list. 

AND I will be holding two promotions this month!! The details are being ironed out but I will post something a bit later with details! (they will likely last a little into may, so I am not too rushed!)

Keep updated by liking my facebook page! 

for now, you can try and catch one of the new bunnies on etsy! 

I have a new batch of boys on the way too - just waiting to be dressed.