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Friday, May 29, 2015

the tri-annual post

Well, so apparently my willpower to blog is very very weak. Here is my traditional post about all the not-much I've been up to and all the reasons I have not been able to set aside a wee bit of time to blog.

Aside from chasing after the acrobatic one-year-old, homeschooling (!!??), trying to make dollies, making messes, tidying, making messes, tidying, making food, eating etc...

I got a little creative in the kitchen. I really DO want to blog a weee bit more about some of the foodstuffs we get up to here.

but dollmaking is so much fun...

I really have to tidy my studio, though. My husband has gone back to work mostly full-time hours so my studio time is cut way back. When I do get in here it's a bit of a whirlwind.

I am feeling so grateful for the patient and supportive customers who are so kind and understanding with me. I hope everyone will understand as prices continue to increase slightly..

BUT -- part of the reasoning behind that is so that I can wholesale to some stores -- and I will keep coupon codes going on for my direct-sales lovelies. 

Right now you can get 10$ off any purchase in my etsy store by using the coupon code 



I am working on some inky fun. Above is one of the endless beautiful drawings my 9yo made me. 
Below is part of something I made for a friend. 

I hope to have a colouring book done soon for the etsy shop -- and maybe some postcards too. We'll see how the summer goes!