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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shelves are Done!!!!

Wow - feels like so much has been swirling and churning and changing. I got a new job, my shelves are built and almost moved in and the cabin dream is tickling my fingertips! Hard to believe!! Soooo wonderful. And it's been so absolutely beautiful, and I have been truly lounging, which I don't think I've done since having children!! Ha!!

It's the hazy lazy days of spring! Yikes and yum...

I haven't been being very crafty as everything has been topsy turvy while the walls of the craft room had to be cleared, piled elsewhere, then shelves cut, sanded, installed, electrical hooked up, light put in, then everything mounted and home-finding, which is what is going on right now. I have some photos from the last shoot that I am going to post on etsy soon - one of my fave creations yet... the totally tubular cowl/head something-or-other...

There are more pics on my humblehome facebook page...hmmm, I should put up a link to that one, I guess...

Anyhooo - trying to find time to unwind with my newly wound thrift finds. Why does it seem so challenging all of a sudden!!?? Got to slide back into the mood. I think this always happens in the summery times. It's so nice out, I am busy tip-toeing around barefoot and tasting the green shoots and now I am busy day-dreaming (hee hee). Oh, yeah, and a seven and four year old and job and umm...housekeeping, gardening, guitar playing, business-making --- guess it all adds up!

More soon! Promise!