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Monday, February 24, 2014

tools of the trade

There is something really soothing about handsewing. Also sometimes painful. Like, when you are trying to push the needle through 5 layers of fabric on a weird angles and the blunt side of the needle pokes into your finger. Erg. and then you think of that thimble -- but really - who can actually sew deftly with one on!? Not me.

There is quite a bit of handwork involved in my dolls. Handwork. I even love the word. I use a variety of needles and thread for the hand sewing. I love using bright and contrasting colours - forget trying to hide the stitches. I tried that -- too stressful. So I started opting for bright, obvious stitches. Makes it much more fun! 

I use dowels to stuff the dolls -- and turn the pieces inside out. The pliers help when smaller pieces get stuck. Stuffing is a big part of the process -- it's an art. It can really make the difference of how a piece looks and feels. 

These are my favorite fabric scissors yet -- I have kept them safe from paper for a while now. They do need some sharpening, though.

This is my sewing machine. I need to learn how to take care of it better, but I am improving, slowly. The paintbrush is for dusting out lint on a very regular basis. I find this helps alot! I actually taught myself how to oil it earlier this year. That is a big accomplishment for me. 

I do actually use pins. And an iron. I just love these pearly ones. 

I will share more about how the dolls come together soon. And maybe even share some pictures of some of the crazy messes I make in the process. The above picture is a detail from my box of doll hair. The rainbow collection. 

Starting to stitch the face - that is definitely the most challenging part of making these dolls. Starting - possibly totally messing it. Totally messing it up - or thinking I do - and continuing anyways. Usually it ends up okay!! If not...my girls can always use another doll... 

Okay ... well, hot pink paper isn't really a tool - but the camera certainly is. I bought this paper on Saturday for fun. What do you think? 

I had been wanting to make a glasses girl for a while! She looks so smart.

I am trying to get a little photo studio set up for the dolls so I can take more portrait like pics like these. 

thanks for stopping by! 

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Anonymous said...

I totally sympathize with the no thimble thing. I have two permanent holes in one of my fingers and when the needle slides in there....owwwww!!! It really wakes you up.