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Friday, November 20, 2015

ancient computer manipulation (update for november 20 and 21 2015)

Soooo. I think I can manipulate my ancient computer a little bit -- it is so outdated I don't think it can upload photos to facebook anymore. I will have to get a new one in the new year, but in the meantime it gives me an excuse to actually post something on my blog. 

These are photos of the dolls to be listed tonight and tomorrow. 8pm tonight ETZ, and tomorrow morning at 11am.  www.humbletoys.etsy.com

this guy has lovely homespun alpaca beard/hair

this guy has a scrappy little beard.

This lady has a spunky look, and scrappy skull and crossbones jumper

I almost kept this one, too --- but one is enough this year! 

okay - we will see how this goes! It has been such a busy few weeks. I will update soon about the last batch of dolls - I think mid week next week, likely so things can get shipped out by friday. Thank you all so much!! 

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