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Thursday, June 19, 2014

baby and first summer GIVEAWAY

good beautiful morning!

 I keep meaning to find time to sit down and post something on the blog - but babies and dollies and everything keep me pretty busy. :) 

Also, for some reason I think I think I need to make some kind of EPIC post - which - really - who reads long rambling blog posts, anyways? 

soooooo... keeping it short and sweet, I will give you a little update and details on the new giveaway. 

baby news 
oooo - our sweet baby arrived, safe and strong. Another girl. We are all shimmery with love as we embrace her and adjust to life with FOUR amazing, brimming beings. 
I am busy keeping up with nursing and making and baking and trying to spend time outside, too! ;) 
With her arrival comes a new chapter in our life. I am excited for the new changes and growth we are embarking on as a family. So grateful!

seems like I'm making the baby a bit of a footnote :P really really, I am NOT. She is infinitely more important than business or dolls or giveaways, of course! BUT I do need to *keep on* - and I am just getting back into the swing of things here in the studio. I do want to share my excitement about new dolls and designs and such trivialities. And my latest giveaway. I am planning on quite a few over the summer leading into fall. 

this is mainly a facebook promotion.


I want to make a custom doll for the winner of this draw! It can be a Little Lu style or one of my new Bobbi style dollies, the value will be 100$ - the balance of the essential doll (usually a doll with one outfit) will be extra clothes for extra fun play!! And of course, shipping is covered, as well. 

Little Lu doll - value of 50$ - custom!! no shipping charge. :)

30$ humble-dollars towards your next purchase of a doll! (shipping not included)

So, to be included in the draw you MUST have liked my page on facebook. I think right now I have close to 400 likes, which is awesome, but the more the merrier! :) 

Things that are awesomely helpful but not required (but will speed up the process for everyone!!) are sharing my pictures, sharing the contest, sending this blog link to people, mentioning me or this on your blog...the usual suspects. :)

To be included in the draw you simply must have liked my page. I will draw 3 names from my "likes" list as soon as possible after reaching 500 likes - I will include ALL names on the list (even if it's over 500 at the time of the draw) -- so keep liking even if it goes over 500. :) I will try and do giveaways for every 100 after that and another big one for 1000. 

Disclaimer: This promotion is in NO way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. humble and all the participants of the said giveaway hereby release Facebook of any liability. Information collected is NOT collected by Facebook. Information collected by humble(Home/toys) is used with strict confidentiality, is not shared with third parties. The winner is chosen at RANDOM within 48 hours of the end of the Giveaway, this can be delayed slightly on some occasions due to workload. All postage costs are covered by humble no matter where the winner resides (see my shipping policies www.humbletoys.etsy.com)  There are no age/gender or residency restrictions from our end. The participants MUST comply with their local laws & regulations to the best of their knowledge. Sharing this post on one’s timeline or on one’s friends timeline does not provide additional entries and likewise isn’t a prerequisite of an entry in this giveaway. (The same goes for tagging yourself or your friends in the Giveaway post). I will announce the winners on my facebook page. 

Making a living as an artist is definitely challenging. We are in the birthing stages right now, and I hope to continue. It is unbelievable - the changes this road has made in my personal and family life. It is powerful and positive and I really hope to continue. Please do consider helping me share my work, farther and wider. 

on a sort of crumbier note: I may have to up my prices again. :P I know I warned of incremental increases. I will hold off until fall, but things might go up again at that point. Or else I might simplify the clothing that is included. What do you think? I hope to have clothing packages you can purchase alongside your dolls soon. 

Feedback on this is appreciated - I just put so much love into these things - and when I look around at other people's prices and creations I do realize that my prices might be a bit low, for what it is. I mean, a pair of crumby earrings at walmart can cost more... I really want to keep things affordable for people, though! I also know, as a parent - I am hesitant to let my kids play with expensive things. Can be daunting when you know they will likely wreck them. :P 

Anyhoooo - just a heads up. Feel free to weigh in. :D looks like it turned into a long rambling post after all. 

Soooo - that is all for now!! Thanks for stopping by and I will hopefully post again soon. I have hopes of sharing a bit about how to make some simple clothes for your dolls at home - great fun for the creative child - or mum ---- or dad!