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Sunday, March 14, 2010

glovettes and spring

been posting and working away all day. Thank goodness my studio has a huge window and a tree right outside of it. I've been stuck in computer world - reading and posting and organizing. It's amazing how much time some of this actually takes - - and how much I'm actually enjoying it! It's nice work when you have the day to yourself, and I've made sure to stop for treats and tea and some crocheting, too!

I've been working on some stuff for spring and just setting up the space today for sewing. I made some new glovettes today and posted some older ones on etsy. Keep an eye out there to see what else is coming. I still have to get into the community aspect over there - just still getting my feet wet! I am just brimming with ideas for spring and summer and will post as soon as the newer ventures are done - or at least in progress. It's rare to have a day all to myself like this - definitely taking it a little slow!

Here are some newer pics of glovettes....

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