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Sunday, January 16, 2011


sooooo...much for my resolution of posting weekly! well, it's a new year and a new slew of things going on and getting done. promise. to myself, at least!

I have been very busy. I swear...even though there isn't much here or there to be seen...I had my first foray into wholesaling this past season. It was a lovely experience, though likely unconventional. I supplied a wonderful shop here in downtown Guelph (Coriander) with loads of my goodies, and the response was wonderful. Both from my friends and acquaintances and total strangers. This is so exciting! I was dubious about the "wider" appeal of some of my new loves - especially the cowls. I made loads of mitts for them too - which I have yet to post pictures of, but will soon.

I was so inspired (and am) that I'm going to try and expand this. I am working feverishly on finalizing some designs to offer up for wholesale. I have my list of shops to approach and hope to find a few more this year that are willing to give my creations a shot.

I have also been paying a little bit more attention to etsy... I've had a little surge of orders, which is very exciting. I'm going to get a whole bunch of photos taken tomorrow to post the leftovers from christmas and start on some spring/summer things - though I will still be making winter things all summer. It's just too much fun...

So, I've been burning the candles at both ends it feels like, for awhile, but have decided I need to focus more on some things and less on others. We're heading into some crazy BIG changes here at the humble home studio, and thinking about even crazier ones. It's all very exciting and inspiring. Makes me want to work super hard at creating lovely creations. Here is one big reason why!

My friend and fellow hat-lover recently got a hat from me, and posted THE most lovely note about her experience. Wise, wise and wonderful woman. I asked her if I could share her story. I was so happy about it!

The following is from her...

I have a new hat. I love my new hat. It is warm and cozy. It is spun in winding, spiraling circles of beautiful shades of purples and blues and a flash of turquoise at the tip. It's a fun hat, and when I wear it I can't help but smile and feel cheerier as I move through the normal day's activities, be it rushing to get the kids to school or stopping for a coffee or just driving around in my car. In my hat, I feel like an elven fairy, outwardly navigating the streets of suburbia but secretly wandering the woods of Lothlorian.

My hat makes other people smile too. Maybe they just like my hat. It is always easier to talk to new people when you have a fun accessory (people with dogs and babies will agree - and yes, I am using the word "accessory" to refer to my children, tongue in cheek of course). But with my new hat on, all of a sudden my neighbour who never looks up when I come outside is waving to me. I am making new friends on the playground as I drop Jalen off at school. Everyone is talking to me. It's a whole new world.

Maybe it's just the cool hat. So first lesson of the day, is dare to be different. Dare to wear and do things that stand out. Express your own unique spirit in every way, including the way that you adorn your physical temples, be it your bodies, your homes, or other spaces. Life is just much more interesting that way. When my mom (@Nancy Wiatt) used to drive around in her 100% purple convertible (purple exterior, purple interior, purple leather), I can tell you that she made a lot of friends. In fact, we had a lot of crazy colors and objects in our home growing up, and it always made for fun conversation.

Or maybe, the hat gives me secret superpowers. A friend of mine in my cultural production workshop (@Sara Mohammad) is a mask-maker. She made an interesting point the other day in class - usually therapy work talks about taking OFF the masks that we wear - unarmoring and showing our vulnerability by de-masking. However, she talked about how using masks can be empowering, such as for women who have suffered abuse, and can help them to take on a persona with a little extra strength to tell their story or to confront their abusers. I thought this was amazing - and as I reflected on it, it brought me back again to the superhero theme. Bruce Wayne wasn't Batman without his costume and Batmobile. Jalen and Mateo definitely feel more powerful as they parade around in their capes (dishtowels tied around the neck) and superhero gloves (dishwashing gloves) and shields (pot lids) and swords (spoons). So maybe my hat has magic powers. Superfriendliness at 8 a.m. in the schoolyard before I've had my morning coffee. Superwarmth in the face of biting Canadian cold. Supercheer to face the day.

But I actually think the first piece, the fact that I'm happier in the hat, makes a even bigger difference. It feels like ME. So I feel like ME. And that's a good way to feel. Whenever we are truly standing in our most authentic selves, be it through the words we speak, the actions we do, the energy we put out into the world, the choices we makes, or even in the silly hats we wear, we are at our most powerful. And those are superpowers we all can access, in our own unique way.

(nb: to buy a cool handmade hat like mine from my friend @Anwen Sutherland, or to have her make you your own unique piece that suits YOUR spirit, visit humblehome.etsy.com)

I am so grateful for that story!

So I have been busy, other than the wholesaling too. Here are some of the hats I've been making for etsians..

And I'm off to be busy s'more. I really love the process of making and it's just made all that much lovelier when I hear that people are loving their wares. I know it's all sappy of me but I just LOVE it!

I made one of my most favorite cowls yet for an order recently too - it's off to Barrie, I think.
There's a picture of it at the top of this post and here are s'more...

and one that is still on etsy, that I also love. This size (the not quite as big as the chrysalis cowls size) has the new name of curious cowl. The ever-loving grey..

so that's it for today. More more more next week. I'm working on a bunch of fingerless gloves, posting the leftovers, planning a SALE on etsy AND a contest for FREE stuff....stay tuned!

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