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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

house bound...

Being home with feverish children can be tiring, but I think I've more been feeling the push to get things done before the thing hits me!! I got a ton of stuff made, being stuck in the house, and some sweet snuggle time, too. It hasn't been the nicest outside (it's still winter here!) so, that wasn't too bad either. I've made it out the front porch for tea a few times this year, and my eldest daughter was out there today having lunch -- things are getting warmer for sure.

In the midst of mad makingness I found time to do some housework, too, and even a project for the girls. I had my last shift at my part-time job last week and it feels like my days are WIDE open now - and I have much more time, which is perfect. Good timing too - since I would have had to cancel out of many shifts seeing as someone's been sick since last monday. One or the other, not me, yet...although I did start to coughing. Hopefully check that with some heavy duty smoothies, ginger and garlic tomorrow...

Here are some goodies I've been working on. I have big dreams, but am learning to take it a day at a time, right now....

everything will be available on etsy soon, if not now! Check it out...and become a fan on facebook to qualify for an ongoing draw...or you can sign up for my newsletter, too (monthly) to get entered in the next draw. The prize is 100$ worth of humble home goods...yummy! Cheers!

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