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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

big changes, small town

How many posts can I start with; oh! I haven't written for so long! So much has happened! Such Changes!! .... ??! and then followed by promises (to myself? to you?) that I WILL write more often ... blah blah blah!! ha!

But Really, I will. I promise.

There HAVE been big changes. Along with our lovely new daughter and homeschooling we decided to add moving to our agenda. And so we did, by the seat of our pants, and now we have landed and snuggled into a lovely big old home in small town (village, actually) ontario. We moved in last August and the girls started school in their new country school that September. All is going well and everyone is thriving in our new quiet and spacious abode.

I acquired a new massive studio in the process. A lovely room with a big window, lots of light and brimming with scraps and plans to be hatched. I really really notice the shift from a cramped space to one that really allows me to spread out and take on endeavors that may have seemed too much hassle before. It seems to have given my imagination space to play and explore...as well as my mess! I have been busy playing with my re-found love of dollmaking. Really playing with shape and character and different ideas and designs. I have had such a lovely response on facebook and etsy. Encouraging and inspiring! I was even recently interviewed about them on the local-to-Guelph radio show Accessibility Matters.... you can listen to the show here (the January 30th show). I am on about at 34 minutes in I think, but the whole show is worth a listen. Some great local music on there.

I am inspired to write today. Inspired to share. Something. This time of year often gets me in a tizzy. I feel what I'm doing is somehow not enough, I crave change. Perhaps it is the brink of spring. The light and the feeling in the air that things are changing...somewhere down deep. Something is stirring. And so it is, in me. But whenever I look at what I am doing and thinking of change; pursuing something more profitable, getting a job, abandoning crafting alltogether, writing more, drawing more...etc. etc (something? anything?) I am always brought back around to the fact that I haven't REALLY gone whole-hog at anything, yet. I have been in love with these dolls and making and it's completely FRESH to me -- really. I just started in December, and I have not given them a chance to bloom -- and yet, already, the fear that it will not lead anywhere plagues me already. The fear, more so, that I will not see it through... (because of my fear.. hm.....)

It stems from a noble vein in me, really. I would love to be able to support my family by doing something (almost anything?) ... but preferably something that can be done alongside spending time with my family and/or even involving them somehow. My husband has been ever-so-giving of his time and life, really, to work and support us and it's been years and years and I would love to be able to relieve him of that stress and allow him time to pursue somethings that I know he would love to - creative endeavors.

So - I am dedicating myself today ... to putting aside my fears and all my entangling plans, and just do what I do. Do what I love. To make, and create, really, whatever I feel like. And to share. I have been reading a lot of blogs this winter and feel like I finally really appreciate them. I love to get a little window into someone's life. And some people might think it's narcissistic, but maybe someone might be interested to get a little window into mine? I know, when we were moving, I was really trying hard to find information about the area that we were moving to. It was hard to find, without being here. I wanted to read about a family's transition. How did they fare, moving  from a city to a village? Or to the country? What changed, for better, for worse? I hope to share my crafts and some things about life here, in general, so maybe someone else considering a move like this can gain a little perspective. Also a hope is to be really open and share the process of some of the crafting that I do, in the hopes that other people might be inspired and try it too!! Along with recipes, projects around the house and garden, and other food and family related things.

So the blog is getting a little makeover. I hope you like it. Please feel free to leave feedback anytime, or contact me at my new email address, humblehomestudio@gmail.com ...

thanks for reading today.

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